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Puffer Jackets: Types and How to Choose One


The puffer jacket is no longer only a sensible winter coat option for the outdoorsy. The fashion industry has embraced this look, reinterpreting the basic outdoor staple with striking forms, styles, and colors. There's no shortage of variations for this mega-popular fashion, including balloon sleeves, belted waists, supersized padding, and pastel colors.


Types of Puffer Jacket


The two main types of puffer jackets are down puffer jackets and synthetic puffer jackets.


Down Puffer Jacket


A down jacket has been insulated with geese' or ducks' warm and soft under feathers. A down jacket is an excellent insulator and heat retainer because the feathers' fluffiness or loft creates small air pockets that retain heat and trap warm air. This helps keep the wearer warm even in cold weather. The only drawback is that they are usually pricier than their synthetic counterparts.


Synthetic Puffer Jacket


Puffer jackets with synthetic insulation are designed with artificial fibers rather than feathers. They are a good option if you don't fancy garments made from animal products. Similarly, others find the synthetic option to be less heavy than down.

Synthetic puffer jackets normally have ultra-fine polyester fiber that is fast-drying and easy to clean.


Features of puffer Jackets


Hooded puffer jackets


A hooded puffer jacket can be as gorgeous as it is functional, with options ranging from matching the rest of your garment to contrasting colors or even imitation fur. For a casually trendy look, it can be used to dress up your gear, such as oversized joggers, a hoodie, and sneakers.


Puffer vests


Puffer vests are an excellent method to keep your core warm without going overboard. A puffer vest can be worn instead of a jacket if it's a warm day in spring or fall. It keeps you warm but not too heated, balancing your body heat inside and out.

You can wear it with long-sleeve t-shirts or flannel shirts for a more relaxed appearance, or combine it with light sweatpants.

Check out these different color Featherweight Packable Puffer Vests from AHA SELECTED.


How to choose a puffer jacket


Several puffer jackets are available in the winter fashion industry; here are a few factors to consider when making your final pick.


Sizes and styles


Long puffer jackets are ideal for individuals who wish to protect more of their body from the extremes, such as parents who need to remain comfortable on the benches while watching their children play sports.

Short puffer jackets paired with appropriate thermal layers work nicely for individuals who require more room to move but want to avoid the severe impacts of winter conditions when camping or hiking.

On the other hand, Puffer vests are popular in metropolitan areas because of their adaptability to unpredictable weather, such as late fall and early spring. They're ideal for remaining warm when chatting outside at dusk or for folks who only feel chilly in their upper body. You can also choose one depending on your preferred color. It can be a white or black puffer jacket.

A good example is this Featherweight Packable Puffer Hooded Jacket from AHA SELECTED.




While the lining and insulation provide most of the warmth, weather resistance happens on the jacket's exterior. Choose a water-resistant jacket with a water and windproof layer on the surface if you want to be outside in the wind or rain. If you live in a damp or rainy region, try layering your puffer beneath a high-quality rain shell. Consider an insulated rain jacket instead of a standard puffer if you need something completely waterproof.




Choosing a durable product that will last a long time and will not snag or rip on tree branches or rocks is critical. Fabric, and especially its structure, is an essential component of durability. Tighter weaves can improve tear strength and reduce insulation leakage. The type of zippers and hardware, in addition to the fabric, contribute to the overall durability of the coat.




While there are times when a thick and cuddly puffer jacket feels fantastic, it's usually best to go for a lightweight jacket. This is especially true for those who engage in physical activities such as trail running, hiking, snowshoeing, skiing, or camping. Because there is less weight to carry, a lightweight puffer allows you to carry more or move further.

Lightweight taffetas are frequently used in puffers to make them cozier and squishier. Furthermore, it does not flatten the insulation. It's also helpful to have a compact and packable puffy jacket.


Final thoughts


Although puffer jackets have always been regarded as an essential winter apparel item for outdoor enthusiasts, the advent of puffer jackets as everyday leisure wear has resulted in an explosion in the types of patterns and designs available. Knowing what to look for in a puffer jacket and taking proper care of it can ensure that your garment lasts for several years.

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