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Best Lingerie Panties Of 2022 And 2023 And Where to Buy Them

Let's face it; many of us have spent time walking around the house in our underwear. This is because they're perfectly comfortable and offer amazing flexibility. Perhaps, the time has come to trade those sports bras and joggers for something more comfortable and appealing, lingerie panties. 

Lingerie is common among people looking to feel and look incredible, even though it's worn under other clothes most of the time. It makes you feel comfy and beguiling and look sexy. With that in mind, let's take a look at the best lingerie panties and where to buy them.


Light Support Seamless Thong 


As the name suggests, this thong is light, soft, and thin, which is honestly what you're looking for in a thong. Again, it perfectly hugs your body with its silky, refined sheer material and delivers a 2-skin liquid-foundation feel. 

The bikini provides ultimate comfort and breathability for an unmatched appearance and feel. This thong is designed for wearing under other clothes or chic liquid-foundation attire like luxe loungewear. 

You'll love that it sits comfortably on your waist with the overlock stitching and pure cotton gusset. Besides, it's completely invisible under other clothes and lightweight for optimal comfort. 

In terms of wash care, you should avoid chlorine bleaches, dry cleaning, and ironing. You can handwash them using cold water but avoid wringing. It comes in one color, which is a bit of a letdown, but the rose dust shade is quite good-looking. 


Aha, Cozy Seamless Briefs 


Next are these breathable briefs from Aha Selected. They have an air-hole crotch and are made of silk and nylon. Start your day feeling sexy in these lovely exclusive seamless briefs. You can barely feel these panties with their zero panty-line, and they're completely invisible under other clothes. 

The seamless anti-chafe design and the silk air-hole crotch make these briefs highly breathable and comfortable. Regarding wash care, you can machine wash these briefs though handwashing might be better due to the silk material. 

Unlike its counterparts, it comes in green, gray, rose dust, black, royal purple, black and pink colors. 


Light Support Scopp Neck Bodysuit 


Here is yet another liquid-foundation product, a scopp neck bodysuit. It's made of a lighter, thinner, and softer fabric for utmost comfort. Seeing as it is a liquid-foundation product, it hugs your body perfectly and provides a 2-skin type of hold. 

Thanks to these handy features, it provides excellent breathability and supreme comfort. Besides, you can wear it during the day or night, and the high-cut opening adds a touch of extravagance. Whether you decide to wear it alone or over a bra, this bodysuit oozes elegance with its semi-sheer silky fabric. 

When it comes to washing care, you shouldn't dry clean, iron, or use chlorine bleach to avoid ruining it. If possible, hand wash it with cold water. Unfortunately, it comes in only one color; rose dust. 


Light Support Liquid-Foundation Seamless Briefs 


These seamless briefs are made using thin, soft, and light fabric for ultimate comfort. The silky material hugs your body and delivers a 2-skin kind of hold. The bikini provides maximum comfort and breathability for an unparalleled appearance and feel. 

Besides, the liquid-foundation design makes it the ideal underlayer clothing, as it is invisible. What's more, it sits naturally on the waist and has invisible stitching and cheeky coverage on the back. The material is semi-sheer and silky. 

Regarding wash care, you should hand wash these briefs using cold water and avoid ironing, wringing, and dry cleaning them. Lastly, like all other liquid-foundation products, this one comes in one color: rose dust.


Cozy Jelly 2Pcs Wireless Bra 


This 2 pcs wireless bra with a jelly-like texture comes with adjustable straps and is made of 36% spandex and 64% nylon. It is extremely comfortable and keeps you feeling and looking sexy all day due to the absence of steel wire and the sexy V-shaped cup trend. The removable pads are an appreciated bonus. 

Fortunately, you can machine wash this bra, which comes in a handful of colors, including, nude & green, black & red, black & nude, black & green, and black & brown. 


Light Support Liquid-Foundation Bikini 


This seamless bikini is made using thin, soft, and light material that hugs your body perfectly and offers excellent comfort and breathability. It is made to be worn under other clothes like soft loungewear. 

It will sit perfectly on your waist and has a high-cut leg opening for added sophistication. In terms of wash care, you should hand wash it is using cold water and avoid using chlorine bleach. Also, avoid ironing or wringing it to extend its lifespan. 


Where to buy


Fortunately, all these lingerie panties are from Aha Selected, so that you can buy them on their website. Put aside your usual black inners and try out some of these magnificent lingerie panties for a change! 

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