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Men’s Winter Outfit Guide: What to Wear for Cold Weather

You do not have to be all dull and gloomy during winter. As long as you stay warm by wearing the right outfits, you are one step closer to enjoying your winter. Whatever it is you choose to put on, make sure it is giving you the much-needed warmth for the season. Are you looking for men’s winter outfits? Continue reading for details on which clothes to wear for the season.


Puffy Jackets

When the word winter crosses your mind, it is almost instantaneous that you will think about warm clothing. Well, you should because the temperatures can be extremely low. Puffy jackets give you additional warmth to protect your organs from harsh weather conditions. Choose a puffy jacket that fits you properly for adequate bodily coverage.  If you get one with a hood, the better. Your head can use the warmth.


Top Coats

You also need to invest in warm top coats. Ensure they are heavy to give you the coziness you need to get through winter. The worst thing you can do is wear a lightweight top coat that barely protects your body and head out. Take your time when shopping and ensure you purchase a quality coat that gives you the warmth you need.


Warm Sweaters

Warm sweaters are just the best here! If you have a turtleneck or shawl collar sweater, it will do you good in winter. Do not wear sweaters made of polyester as such do not keep you warm. Wool and wool-blend designs are the ideal fit for winter’s extreme temperatures. Furthermore, ensure you choose a heavy wool sweater and pair it with pants and even an additional jacket for more warmth.


Flannel Shirts

Enough about jackets, top coats, and wool sweaters. Life has to go on even during winter. That means you have to go to work and still look professional. If you need to wear a shirt to work, choose a flannel shirt. If you choose to wear a T-shirt instead, make sure it is long sleeved; your hands need the extra warmth.


Suitable Pants

Wool-blend pants should be among your favorite in winter. These provide your legs with the warmth they need. You can wear these pants with a flannel shirt, sweater, and puffy jacket for a more formal appearance. You can also pair them with other warm, winter tops for added comfort. Slim corduroy pants are also a suitable option for pants during winter. They are thicker than your regular pants. That is not all.

Think chinos are another great choice for winter, providing protection for your lower body. You can also go for thermal-lined pants for the cold weather or wear thermal underwear with your pants when the cold is just too much.



Layering in winter is a must-do. This is where you wear different tops, from the thinnest to the thickest, for added warmth. For example, you start with a nice flannel shirt, add a sweater, and then a top coat or puffy jacket for a stylish look that still keeps you warm. You can also wear a turtleneck sweater with a coat and go to the office. Pair these tops with jeans, wool-blend pants, or heavy chino pants and keep your body warm for winter.

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