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What Are Period Panties and How Do They Work?

Throughout the menstrual cycle, the female body experiences a lot; nevertheless, it ensures you never forget it. 

 It takes about 28 to 34 days for a complete menstrual cycle, whereby a period can take three to eight days. Extensive research and knowledge on the menstrual cycle have allowed people to develop technology for period products. As you read these, new products are designed to ease the process while making them more eco-friendly. But what is the best option through these trying yet ordinary times? 

If you are tired of tampons, sanitary pads, or period cups, then period panties are a great option. You may have seen TV, social media or the internet ads about period panties but have no idea what they are. Today is your lucky day since this article aims to provide you with all there is to know about period panties, how they work and how to use them properly.


What are period panties?


Currently, there are many period-specific products out on the market. Period panties are underwears designed with special garments made from different absorbent materials. Like tampons, period cups, and pads, these undergarments' primary function is to provide you with a safer, cleaner, dry period cycle.

Anybody experiencing menstruation can wear these panties for a safe period cycle. They resemble regular underwear with one significant difference and are designed to absorb period blood while keeping your skin dry. These panties are reusable since you can wash them and use them again.

Even with the extra layers of protection, the panties don't feel bulky; they feel and look like regular underwear.

The panties are worn normally, and since you don't have to insert anything, unlike tampons and menstrual cups —you eliminate the risk of harm or toxic shock syndrome. By now, you have a rough understanding of what period panties are and what they can offer. So now it's time to understand how they work.


How do period panties work?


Some period panties are designed from merino wool or bamboo fabric, which feature a combination of layers. The material has moisture-wicking fabric containing multiple tiny filaments which trap moisture from leaking. The design enables the panties to draw liquid away from your body and traps it to avoid leakage. The exterior layers of the fabric include lycra or nylon topped off with a liquid repellent layer for maximum protection.

Some period underwear can hold up to two tampons amount of menstrual blood. The tiny capillaries also help in the quick evaporation of body moisture which can come in handy on sweaty days. You might now know how it works, but do you know how to use it?


How to use period panties?


You'll put on period panties to absorb the flow when your cycle begins. Just like a typical pair of underpants, you'll put them on over what you feel like dressing into. They should be changed and cleaned at least after 12 hours or as frequently as necessary. Numerous brands include an antibacterial coating to eliminate any odor.

However, changing them out frequently will also leave you feeling fresh. Depending on the brand, washing guidelines will vary. Before cleaning your pair, read the cleaning instructions carefully to avoid poor washing or damaging the fabric.

Still afraid to make the change and entrust your flow to period panties? Before transitioning to full-time use, you can try it out on lighter flow periods or use them as backup protection. You can also try wearing period underpants overnight when the flow is lighter at the end of your period.

Some women use period underwear and other products such as pads or menstrual cups to give an additional layer of defence. However, you can wear period panties on your own. You can select the pair that suits you best on a given day by choosing from brands that offer various absorbency levels, like  Aha Selected brand. A majority of underwear sets are pretty absorbent. Still, it's an excellent idea to check occasionally to determine whether it is necessary to change them.


Advantages of using period panties 


After thoroughly discussing period panties, let's review the principal advantages you can enjoy once you switch to this method or use it in accord with your regular routine.

  • It’s eco-friendly:  We all have our parts to play in conserving the environment. Reducing or limiting the number of tampons pads or menstrual caps is a perfect way of reducing the number of rotting waste in the environment. 
  • It offers more comfort compared to other techniques – Pads or tampons can be pretty uncomfortable, especially if you would want to exercise with one on. They frequently migrate, and if pads aren't in the correct positions, they may become visible.  Not forgetting cups and tampons can make you hurry to the restroom in the middle of a gym squat if you contract your abs excessively. Period panties are equally comfortable as regular underwear, with the added benefit of not leaking or getting dirty.
  • Period panties are more hygienic: Using pads all day long can get reasonably disgusting. The blood stays right there. On the other hand, the liquid is absorbed by period underwear, which shields you from bacteria all day long and keeps period moisture away from your skin.
  • It’s easy to use: Using one of these undergarments is not rocket science. You won't have to struggle to place your cup correctly or question if your pad is far too absorbent to handle your flow. You just put your panties on and carry on with your day. After you're through, rinse it and put it into a cold wash with the rest of your clothing, depending on the cleaning instructions given by the brand.
  • You can use it with other products: Had a problem with the occasional leak but were delighted with your cup? The ideal solution is period underwear because it will soak up any leaks. Additionally, you might take it off and go the rest of the day in only your underwear if you discover that you need to dump your cup before the end of the day.




In addition to being comfortable and leak-proof, period underwear is becoming more popular because it is a wise choice, financially affordable, and ecologically sustainable. Give them a try if you want something less unpleasant than tampons, offering better comfort than pads and tidiness than menstrual cups.

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