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8 Women's wear-to-work styles for 2022 and 2023

In the ever-evolving fashion world, finding versatile pieces seamlessly transitioning from one occasion is like striking gold. But worry not. Aha Selected offers a selection of key pieces that combine comfort and style impeccably. Let’s take a closer look.


The Modernist Wool Overcoat

The Oversize Wool Coat from Aha Selected is a textbook definition of elegance. It has a minimalistic design made from expensive wool, perfect for corporate outfits. Being oversized and long, it gives a touch of chicness, making it suitable for many occasions.

15% Wool and 85% Polyester fabric content makes the coat both warm and fashionable enough. Its hand wash recommendation ensures the durability of the fabric. This implies that high-quality imported materials have been considered in detail to provide its customers with premium fashion.

With its relaxed fit and added length, this overcoat gives you a comfortable silhouette in the hottest style. When one looks at their size chart, they will note that you should go down one size for accurate fitting; this shows how much this brand values its customers.


Relaxed Fit Jacquard Pocket Wide Leg Pants

These Wide Leg Pants feature a sophisticated jacquard weave that lends them a 3D touch. The pants are comfortable with a loose fit and elastic waist; however, they also have a wide-leg cut that maintains the casual look. These pants can easily be worn by modern-day office workers who must dress for work and after-hours activities.

These pants are made of jacquard textured fabric, so they are so striking. They can either be machine- or hand-washed using cold water, indicating the kind of person who should wear these trousers. The company’s attention to care is apparent in how long its products last.


Oversized Jacquard Pocket Button Blazer

The Jacquard Pocket Button Blazer is all about chic pockets and oversized silhouettes. When woven with elaborate jacquard techniques, it creates a pattern with three dimensions, thus giving your wardrobe an urban feel.

This blazer was designed to take you from the office straight to the club because it is a statement on its own. The oversized silhouette flatters various body types; hence, Aha Selected is proving its inclusivity.

This blazer is woven from jacquard textured fabric like the wide-leg pants. Care instructions always reflect well on any brand conscious of quality and durability. The emphasis on gentle washing and ironing on the reverse side is a nod to preserving the integrity of the fabric.


Cozy 3-Piece Skirt Set

The Cozy 3 Piece Skirt Set simply packs style with comfort. The knit material is super soft and cozy, while the pink knit mini skirt offers a little luxe to your look. Every minor detail, from the buttons of the top to the skirt's pocket, must be up to excellent standards.

The accessories in this set are wearable from day to night, for different occasions like parties and dates, and even at work. This shows the thoughtfulness of the design the brand is offering as it considers people's diverse settings or lifestyles.

They comprise a knit fabric and require special care when washing. The set is recommended for hand washing or machine washing cold to maintain the requirement of a knit garment. Recommending the knit garment lay to flat air dry again brings out the brand's intention of preserving the quality of its products.

Embossed Velvet Elastic Waist Wide-Leg Pants

A lusciously luxurious way to glide through your day (and night), these embossed velvet pants offer an easy fit with a comfortable elastic waistband and wide-leg silhouette that's both relaxed and chic.

Crafted with embossed velvet elastic fabric, these pants stand out in both design and texture. The character of the wash care is either to hand or machine wash using cold water, lying flat, and tumble drying on low heat as required in the care recommendations listed on the tag.


Denim Rose Embossed Wide-Leg Pants

These Denim Rose Embossed Wide Leg Pants combine exquisite rose embossing with a comfortable, wide-leg silhouette. They can be worn to the office or on vacation and are versatile for any occasion.

These pants are made of twill fabric, which makes them both comfortable and durable. The brand’s care instructions indicate that their products should be washed by hand or machine in cold water and laid flat to dry.


Knitted Floral Embossed Turtleneck Jumpsuit & Skirt 2 Pieces Set

This Knitted Floral Embossed Turtleneck Jumpsuit and Skirt 2 Pieces Set has intricated embossed floral patterns that make it look elegant and exciting. The stretchy knitted embossed fabric ensures comfort and flexibility, while the sleek mock neck design adds a sophisticated, minimalist look.

This set is designed to impress at parties or date nights. The brand’s understanding of different occasions is evident in the thoughtful design that hugs your curves in all the right places.

This set is made of stretchy knitted embossed fabric that requires special handling. The hand or machine wash recommendation with cold water showcases the brand's commitment to preserving the quality of its products.


Backless Strappy Tank Top

It is a Backless Strappy Tank Top that speaks of femininity and style. Its buttery soft elastic fabric molds to your body, making you feel most feminine. It is designed with an open back that adds a touch of allure to be appropriate for different occasions.

The top is made of stretch knit fabric to ensure it fits comfortably. The brand believes in maintaining the quality of its products, as seen in the wash instructions, such as washing hands/machines in cold water and lying flat to dry on the knit item.


Wrap Up

Looking at Aha Selected’s basic wear collection, it can be seen that these are a stylish mix of comfort and all-purpose garments. All items demonstrate their devotion to using top-quality materials, well-thought-out designs and helpful laundering guides. Make sure you have these clothes in your collection that cater to almost every occasion effortlessly so that you’ll look and feel great!



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