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Types of Lingerie for Women: A Guide to Lingerie Styles

Who does not want a lovely collection of lingerie? There are pieces your wardrobe cannot miss, while others are for special occasions and uses. Well, brands provide a variety of lingerie styles and materials to choose from. Below is a guide to help you buy the pieces you need.


Lingerie Materials

Among the different materials used to make lingerie, there are satin, lace, sheer, and mesh materials. You cannot miss one or two lace pieces in your drawers, as the material gives you a lovely, sexier feminine look. It is also lightweight and breathable.

You have probably already won satin lingerie and like its soft feel. This fabric simply feels amazing on the skin!

 As for sheer and mesh, these fabrics barely leave anything to the imagination, making them wonderful for the bedroom and date nights.


Lingerie Categories

You can buy separate lingerie pieces for your lower and upper body, for example, if you see a bra you like or nice panties. You can also buy a set that has a top and bottom or go for one-piece lingerie if you do not want to buy tops and bottoms separately.

The lingerie section also features nightwear pieces to keep you cozy when resting. They come in various materials to suit your liking. Loungewear is also part of lingerie, putting you in an easy-going mood at home or wherever is suitable.


Types of Lingerie Pieces

Whether scrolling through an online collection or shopping at the store, the lingerie category features a variety of items to consider buying and it includes the following.





You need a bodysuit if you do not have one already! It is one-piece lingerie that saves you from having to wear a bra and panties. Moreover, it provides a flawless top for skirts and pants, giving you a fabulous appearance. Bodysuits are also available in various colors and styles to match your needs.



Fashion corsets are stunning and everyone can wear them. They give you such an amazing look with the color and design variety. On the other hand, waist trainers provide a more cinched up look for those looking for a more defined physique. Moreover, a waist trainer is usually worn as an undergarment.


Bra, Bralette, and Bustier

You cannot talk about lingerie without mentioning bras. They come in a variety of styles to choose from, including underwire, strapless, T-shirt, and push-up. You also get them in different materials, lace included, providing elegant bust coverage.

Your lingerie wardrobe can also use a bralette for its feminine appearance. You can wear it with a blazer for a casual look or have it under your blouse for work. Color variety is always available to match your bottoms if that is what you need.

A bustier is another upper body lingerie you can wear. It provides more coverage than a bralette and bra but as the same suggests, it is bustier and offers additional support for your girls.


Panties, Bikini, Thong, and Briefs

You can get these bottoms in various materials like satin, cotton, and lace. Panties are everyday lingerie to wear under your skirts, pants, and dresses. Bikinis are worn on the lower side of your waist and we all know they are for swimming and other water activities like surfing.

Thongs and G-strings provide less coverage for your bottom while providing a sensual look, making them wonderful for romance. You can also wear them on other occasions.

That aside, your wardrobe also needs briefs such as boy shorts. They provide more coverage than panties and the other bottoms we have mentioned. They are comfortable and you want wear them under clothes or around the house if you like.



Sets save you the trouble of buying bottoms and tops separately. Moreover, they come in handy when you want to match the pieces. With that in mind, you can purchase sets with bra and panties, bikini top and bottom, or bralette and panties.



Nightwear lingerie includes babydoll, negligee, robe, and chemise. A negligee and babydoll are wonderful for your romantic partner, helping arouse the feelings you want. You can also wear a chemise for the night.



Loungewear is also part of lingerie. Clothes in this category are comfortable and can include pants or shorts, providing coziness for when around the house. You may also have to buy hosiery like stockings or tights depending on your needs.

Aha Selected has a wide range of lingerie to choose from, including loungewear, panties, bras, and bodysuits. These come in different materials including satin and cotton. You can also get seamless pieces for a flawless look.




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